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Mandala dance
3 level
Jule 8th - 13th
Mandala dance
2 level
June 4th - 9th
Basics of life
level 1


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Basics of life, Step 1
Harmonizing the state of consciousness, body and soul
The Flood of Abundance. Creativity
Connection to body and power
online seminar
online seminar
online seminar
online seminar
The practice of "Mandala Dance" is protected by copyright
in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Certificate No. 015-004874 dated 10.11.2015
The deep practice of working with energy, body and consciousness, which involves the process of building energies on all levels and connects with the higher Divine dimension.
Mandala Dance
It is a soft yoga aimed at opening up the energy of the body, clamped ligaments and joints.
Wave yoga
The line of the temple dance and yoga practices of the Egyptian line, connected with the building of the Divine structure and the male aspect, with the Light, the Spirit.
Egyptian yoga
Dance of space. It translates from the human condition to the divine level, takes you beyond duality, helping to reveal our true nature.
Dakini Dance
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Maya Mandala - author of practices and seminars
author and creator of Mandala Dance, Dakini Dance, Wave yoga, Egyptian yoga, Egyptian dance
years of teaching and retreat experience
Maya conducts international training: retreats, seminars, master classes for various levels of training for men and women in Europe, Asia and Russia. Maya is the author and creator of Mandala Dance, Dakini dance, Wave yoga, Egyptian Yoga and Egyptian Dance.
years of studying and practicing the world’s ancient traditions
Dzogchen became the root teaching of Maya. Gradually, through practice, a unified system of education for the transfer of knowledge about human nature and about the original state was formed. In which people from different countries of the world were trained, thanks to which a new galaxy of masters appeared.
people all over the world have been trained to practice Mandala dance by Maya. And almost 300 of them constantly conduct classes in 12 countries and in more than 60 cities of Russia
video practicies
books published
in 2017, Maya published a book about the practice of Mandala dance, in 2019 — the books "Breath of Life" and "Mandala Dance 2nd level". She has released a series of video practices and lessons for self-study.


Practice «Wave yoga»
Olga Razgulyaetsa
Hello, my name is Olga! I practice wave yoga. I really like the energy from stillness, there are no sudden movements, nothing complicated, but at the same time the body lives, it's filled with energy, there is no overexcitation, authentic yoga...These classes then, in life, help to be plastic, flexible in any situation...Thank you, Maya, for what you carry and what you share.
Seminar «Basics of life, step 1»
Maya, I wanted to say huge words of gratitude for the practices that you gave at the seminar, thanks to them I saw in myself and felt the fine line where I begin to want to own someone, while I still don't love, and this is because I always wanted to feel being needed and important in my state of constant rescuer and wanted them to show interest in me. When I was freed from these scenarios, I felt freedom and lightness, the desire to just love without living in the role of rescuer anymore.
MAY 28TH - JUNE 1ST, «Basics of life
level 1» with maya, retreat in Svetlogorsk
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