Unique practices created by Maya and practiced by her students around the world

The practice returns us into conscious presence in the body and gives the connection with the sacred organs, rooting us into the earth.
Restores a harmonious manifestation of the female and male nature, the natural rhythms and cycles inherent into primordial state.
It brings back to a practitioner their natural state and sound.
It also connects with the wisdom, instincts and knowledge of the nature, with our truth and our soul.
Mandala dance is the process of arranging energies on all levels and joining with the higher Divine dimension
sacred female dance
Mandala dance–
is a deep practice of working with energy, body and consciousness, which combines in its structure dance movements, breathing and attention skills.
Opening the body through movement, wave and spiral on the female principle - opening of the spine, flexibility, softness. We do not stretch the body in a straight line, but in a wave line, which is more gentle and more harmonious for the woman to open our body. We integrate the body into the quality and rhythm of the wave energy, which is also due to our flexibility, fluidity and tone.

Practice helps to free the body from blocks and clamps, to make the spine flexible, and the mind calm and fluid.
It is a soft yoga aimed at opening up the energy of the body, opening the clamped ligaments and joints. All exercises are very soft, leisurely, done mostly sitting.

Wave yoga

Thanks to the practice occurs:
"recharge" our power systems
a more flexible, healthy and slender body
clarity of mind and mind
body cleansing from pains and blocks
rejuvenation of cells at all levels
restart and harmonisation of the nervous system
The practices of this transmission line are connected with the construction of the Divine structure and the male aspect, with the Light, with the Spirit. Through practice, our Sun, our Light, and all space and all directions are revealed. The male principle is associated with creation, creation, and enhances the connection with the Creator’s energy, both Universe and inner, the connection with clear vision, thinking, and consciousness.

Egyptian dance and yoga

This is a lineage of the temple dance and yoga practices of the Egyptian line.
The practice of Egyptian yoga:
Illuminates all directions and quality of human life
Builds the vertical and structure in our body, energy and consciousness
Harmoniously connects the male aspect with our female part
Gives wisdom and meaning to life.
dance of space
The dance of Dakini is the dance of space. It translates from the human condition to the divine level, it brings out beyond duality, helping to reveal our true nature and crystallizing our state into clear light, returning to a pure presence. We are connected to our highest state and to the condition of all enlightened beings. Through the sacred drawing of the dance we build up our body and energy and reveal our original potentiality and quality of the original presence.
This practice is passed on to Maya only at live seminars!
The participants of the seminar are pre-interviewed

Dakini dance –

In addition, the Dakini dance:
balances the energy of all elements
harmonizes our state of mind
returns to a pure presence.
The effect of this sacral practice:
Works with higher energies and builds energy on all levels
Transforms from human state to cosmic level
Takes beyond duality
Helps reveal our true nature and crystallizes our state into clear light.

How do I learn the practices?

Visit one of the seminars with Maya
Buy training materials on the website
Contact a certified instructor in your city
View recorded seminars with Maya

Materials for beginners in mandala dance

Basics of life, Step 1
Harmonizing the state of consciousness, body and soul
The Flood of Abundance. Creativity
Connection to body and power
online seminar
online seminar
online seminar
online seminar


Practice «Wave yoga»
Olga Razgulyaetsa
Hello, my name is Olga! I practice wave yoga. I really like the energy from stillness, there are no sudden movements, nothing complicated, but at the same time the body lives, it's filled with energy, there is no overexcitation, authentic yoga...These classes then, in life, help to be plastic, flexible in any situation...Thank you, Maya, for what you carry and what you share.
Seminar «Basics of life, step 1»
Maya, I wanted to say huge words of gratitude for the practices that you gave at the seminar, thanks to them I saw in myself and felt the fine line where I begin to want to own someone, while I still don't love, and this is because I always wanted to feel being needed and important in my state of constant rescuer and wanted them to show interest in me. When I was freed from these scenarios, I felt freedom and lightness, the desire to just love without living in the role of rescuer anymore.
MAY 28TH - JUNE 1ST, «Basics of life
level 1» with maya, retreat in Svetlogorsk
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