Almaty, June 15-18, 2023.

in a couple

How can your desire to be in love become real?

Everyone wants to love and be loved: to live true love, intimacy and harmonious relationships in a couple.

Someone has already found it, and someone hasn’t cognised it yet, and someone maybe considers that love is impossible.
A deep journey awaits you-the exploration of relationships and the transition to their new quality and state.

At the retreat, you will be able to understand how:

to study the relationship of a couple and change the quality and state of the relationship;

to learn to forgive and support each other;

to return and live the energy that was stopped in past relationships, to go through development in a couple;

to get out of difficult experiences in your pedigree, in your life and heal this experience;

to discover new quantities of the soul and pass into the vulnerable parts of each other, filling them with love, support and meaning;

to build new connections inside your soul and body and form a new reality with each other in the relationship you want to be in.
For those who are in couple.

And those who want to find a couple, prepare for this meeting and get to know your person.

breathing, tantric, meditative practices and therapeutic methods.


Maya Mandala - author of practices and seminars

author and creator of Mandala Dance, Dakini Dance, Wave yoga, Egyptian yoga, Egyptian dance

years of teaching and retreat experience
Maya conducts international training: retreats, seminars, master classes for various levels of training for men and women in Europe, Asia and Russia. Maya is the author and creator of Mandala Dance, Dakini dance, Wave yoga, Egyptian Yoga and Egyptian Dance.
years of studying and practicing the world’s ancient traditions
Dzogchen became the root teaching of Maya. Gradually, through practice, a unified system of education for the transfer of knowledge about human nature and about the original state was formed. In which people from different countries of the world were trained, thanks to which a new galaxy of masters appeared.
people all over the world have been trained to practice Mandala dance by Maya. And almost 300 of them constantly conduct classes in 12 countries and in more than 60 cities of Russia
video practicies
books published
in 2017, Maya published a book about the practice of Mandala dance, in 2019 — the books "Breath of Life" and "Mandala Dance 2nd level". She has released a series of video practices and lessons for self-study.

Participation formats:

retreat, Almaty
Relationships in a couple,
JUNE 15-18, 2023

In a couple:

Prepayment 100 euros (In case of refusal, it is not returned and is not postponed to the next seminar)
Airfare and hotel accommodation are paid separately
early cost until 1st of June.
After 1st of June - 480 euros
early cost until 1st of June.
After 1st of June - 480 euros
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