A man and a woman.

Sacred Union

  • advanced seminar
  • for mature men and women
  • for those who have experience of practices and meditations
  • duration: 6 days

Seminar "Man and Woman. Sacred union" is a joint journey into their original essence, into their natural qualities. During the 6 days of the seminar, we discover each other's space in a single circle and move on a joint journey of recognizing our true nature.

This seminar is about how to go deep into your Masculine and Feminine, to recognize the nature of these qualities within yourself and each other, to understand and feel our differences and our unity.

At the seminar, we go through:
  • tantric breathing practices
  • tantric massage
  • restoration of the female and male lines of the genus
  • work with beliefs, attitudes, behavioral models
  • purification of the state of the soul and body
  • work with visualization
  • dance practices
  • collective healing practice in a circle

This is an amazing and beautiful meeting of a Man and a Woman, in which we discover ourselves through the practices of accepting the body, connecting with Mother Earth and Father Heaven, connecting with the female and male Gens on Earth.
For women, this is an extraordinary opportunity to accept their masculine nature, connect with it and understand how it affects relationships with men.
For men, it is to recognize their sensual and emotional parts, accept their body and connect with Mother Earth and with their mother.
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