Sacred wisdom. Priestess

  • advanced seminar
  • for men and women
  • for those who already have experience of practices and meditations
  • duration: ? days by ?hours

At this seminar, we will reveal our higher abilities, connect with our deep knowledge, recognize it, and also learn to recognize signs, visions, dreams and clairaudience.

• We reach a point where the past, present and future merge together, and we have a chance to see and change things beyond time.
• We will go into a space where the past, present and future are connected in presence and clarity
• We will work with the memory of the soul and body, regaining our strength and recognizing our purpose, and in what format we can live it harmoniously in this world
• We will build new conscious relationships with the world.
• We will explore how we create intent. Out of the quality of responsibility and free will, we will close it.

What will we practice and what effect will we get?
  • Healing meditations to release the traumatic memory of the soul and body, restore our strength and realize the mission of our current incarnation.
  • Conscious work with time lines will show us what karmic difficulties we have, what hinders our abundance, healthy relationships and success, and how to build the life we want to live.
  • Breathing tantric practices will help us regain our vitality.
  • By understanding and freeing the attitudes and beliefs we have adopted from our kind, nationality, religion and other egregors, we will gain a new degree of freedom, faith in our own strength and the realization of our own destiny.
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