Soul-level reprogramming practices

  • certification seminar
  • for men and women?
  • only for those who are focused on conducting seminars, working with people in a group / individually
  • duration: ? days

Maya will pass on the practices of working with the soul, the information field, cleansing and reprogramming the negative past experience of the soul.

To participate in the seminar, it is mandatory to pass the seminars "Fundamentals of Life level 1" or "Fundamentals of Life level 2", as well as have at least 5 years of experience in spiritual practices.

At this seminar, there will be a transfer of practices on working with the information field of the soul and the transformation of unconscious levels of consciousness.

We will find out how:
  • transform the negative experience of the past
  • to clear the painful body
  • , translate experience into wisdom, consciously form the present out of wisdom, love and free choice and build a life.
  • get out of the old scenarios into conscious loving living and shaping your future
  • get out of the unconscious levels into free choice, returning yourself to responsibility, clarity and freedom
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