Connection with nature

  • the basic seminar
  • for men and women
  • is suitable for any level of training of participants
  • duration: ? days

At this seminar, we get to know other representatives of nature from the quality of deep knowledge about our indissoluble connection with it.
We will explore how we can use what nature gives us in a reasonable, environmentally friendly way. We will learn from nature how to live in harmony with it, and therefore live in harmony with ourselves.

At the seminar, we:
  • We do practices to connect with the consciousness of trees, other plants, animals, crystals, stones.
  • We learn from nature how to live in harmony with it, how to listen to its wisdom, and apply this knowledge in everyday life.
  • We are exploring how we can use what nature gives us in an environmentally friendly and reasonable way.
  • Let's go deeper into the knowledge of what elements our body consists of and how we can support and restore ourselves.

The value of the seminar:
  • We restore the connection and our harmonious interaction with all the kingdoms of nature.
  • We will find out what wisdom the animal and plant world can share with us, as well as what ancient knowledge is hidden in crystals and minerals
  • For those who work with people, this knowledge and transfer, as well as the skills of scanning the state of another person's body, are especially valuable because they can determine the composition of elements in any person's body and understand what is needed now to maintain balance for him.
  • We learn to listen to ancient knowledge at the level of the general information field. Connect with the very essence and source of knowledge about plants, herbs, trees, animals, on the ability to connect with their consciousness.
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