Mandala dance
2 level

June 4th to June 9th, Svetlogorsk

2 level of the Mandala dance

We develop empathy, listening, feeling each other, attune and harmonize ourselves with the general flow of a Unified Circle. At this level, we connect and build ourselves together with all women.
We learn to listen to a Unified Space and consciously move in the Mandala Dance, living a unified dimension. We expand our attention and consciousness, becoming a natural part of it. At this level, we begin to move into dance.
At the second level of practice, we continue to develop the conscious presence skill in the body, begin to connect breathing and dance movements in static with movements and steps and synchronize in this with others women dancing in the circle.

The Mandala Dance significantly alters a woman's state, health, and life quality:

It restores health, deeply engages with the entire body system, and brings back conscious embodiment within the body.

It works with internal organs and systems, triggering rejuvenation and purifying processes within the blood and lymphatic system
Body posture improves, restoring natural grace, alignment, and body coordination, where we gain strength and stability

It restores harmonious interaction with the world in a state of trust and support. Each person finds friends within whom they can deeply relax and restore harmony of the soul

Body posture improves, and natural grace is regained. Alignment and coordination of the body occur, where we gain strength and stability
It connects with one's soul, guiding towards a state of love, clarity, and wisdom
It balances hormonal and emotional levels
Everyone who has completed Mandala Dance Level 1 is invited to the retreat.

Leaders of Mandala Dance Level 2, upon passing the exam and approval by Maya, have the right to conduct individual and group sessions, as well as intensives preparing for practice.

Maya Mandala - author of practices and seminars

author and creator of Mandala Dance, Dakini Dance, Wave yoga, Egyptian yoga, Egyptian dance

Date and venue:
June 4th to June 9th, Svetlogorsk, The Universal Hotel
Participation Formats
Retreat in the city of Svetlogorsk
Mandala Dance
Level 2 with Maya
until May 4th
after May 4th
Repeated participation: 504 euro

The details

Date and Time
June 4th to 9th, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM"
City: Svetlogorsk, Hotel 'Universal', 3 Nekrasova Street.
Accommodation needs to be booked separately. Staying at the Universal Hotel is possible, but the number of rooms is limited. Reservation is confirmed upon making a prepayment for the retreat through the organizer
50 euro
Advance Payment
100 euro
Flight, Meals
Paid separately
Discount of 50 euro
When participating in both foundational retreats, 'Mandala Dance' and 'Basics of Life'

The Mandala Dance has changed the lives of thousands of women

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