On May 18-19, in Spain

Harmony with Life

This retreat is aimed at:

restoring health and vitality, harmony on all levels of life

connecting with oneself, with one's body, center, and opening up to feelings

restoring the connection of the soul and spirit and forming movement in accordance with it

accessing the potential of the spirit and creating one's own reality from the quality of freedom and clarity

We will

cleanse negative scenarios and stories, form an understanding of how to live oneself in the flow of life, and create a favorable flow of events.
The retreat will consist of practices and meditations of various levels and sharing.
For women and men
At the Retreat you can expect
For Whom:

Maya Mandala - author of practices and seminars

author and creator of Mandala Dance, Dakini Dance, Wave yoga, Egyptian yoga, Egyptian dance

To learn more or register, you can visit the website or contact the organizer:

Elena Amrita

+34 613 68 58 05 (Whatsapp, Telegram),

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