basic seminar in Bali, ubud
21-26 march 2023

Aligning the body

The seminar is about

which will help to be in the unified rhythm of life, reveal your potential and abilities, recognise your dance and enter into the union, opening up to the process of enjoyment, creativity and game.
consciously Aligning the body, working with its structure, channels, centers and the flow of energy through the dance
For those who have been asking for a long time and have been waiting very much. For those who are already in Bali and are planning to come.

The energy in our body flows continuously, without stopping, through our breathing and consciousness

If the energy stops for various reasons, then we fall into the trap of repeating the same scenarios, events. We create and strengthen our Ego by repeating patterns and behaviors in our mind and endlessly begin to live the same scenarios of life.
The movement of energy is the basis of our being, the basis of life. This drawing is like a dance drawing, it never repeats.

At the seminar you will

explore the different movement forms that shape dance;

reveal our ability to move, both form and flow;

open the body to the rhythms of celebration, fluidity, relaxation and enjoyment, showing its nature through movement and dance;

liberate the memory of the soul and create a conscious dance of life, learning to set goals and perform them.
connect the centres and channels in the body in male and female energy;

build body structure, breathing, rhythm, discipline, will and connect with the inner center and balance of all elements;

connect breath, movement and images through dance;

harmonise the health of the body and develop its flexibility;

recover and align the body and consciousness;

for men and women with different level of training, for leading body practices, women's circles, people with helping professions and those who wish to expand and deepen personal practice.
the study and use of the movement of the male and female principle, the dance of images and archetypes of dance warm-ups, the wave principle of movement, the practice of working with joints and ligaments, dance warm-ups and stretches and meditative practices.
At the seminar you'll learn:
this seminar is for:

Participation formats

basic workshop, Bali, Ubud
Aligning the body, March 22-26, 2023
before 11.03.2023
before 11.03.2023
after 11.03.2023 - 1400 euro
after 11.03.2023 - 800 euro
Prepayment of 100 euros (non-refundable and transferred in case of refusal to the account of the next seminar)
Airfare and hotel accommodation are paid separately
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Aligning the body
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