Basics of life
level 2

July 1-5,


«Basics of life» is a basic program consisting of 2 stages of retreat,

Each stage consists of practices that help to change the state of consciousness and self-living, as well as consciously move to a qualitatively different level of life
Continuation of the «Basics of life Level 1» Retreat

A transformative and profound process where the state of consciousness, self-experience, and life as a whole qualitatively change.
Participation in the retreat is available after completing the «Basic of life Level 1» retreat

You will conduct a diagnosis of your life, where you will become aware of:

How do you create yourself and life around you at the level of individuality, how personally do you live your creativity through this quality, dancing and playing with yourself and the world
How have you unfolded in your abundance, wealth, in all material aspects as light, sun, and divine structure
How do you create a kingdom and interact with others?

How much do you reside in your dignity and nobility, in your generosity?

How do you lead yourself, your life, and the space around you from these qualities?
How much life force you have accumulated, how firmly you stand on your feet, and to what extent you live your truth

How rooted you are and how clearly you can be in your strength and wisdom, in connection with the earth
At the retreat, we will
Healing negative family scenarios, roles, and beliefs on the level of soul memory, all systems, and structures in which we experience our lives

Unfolding in our true realization, love, and sexuality. In our richness, abundance, and in all material aspects

Transitioning into our potentiality and manifesting our dreams and desires in relationships, creativity, and life overall

Grounding oneself in strength and wisdom, in connection with the Earth, and reformulating one's state of consciousness into a continued life quality of clarity, mindfulness, responsibility, and love

Realizing one's potential and true desires, living life from a royal quality, dignity, and nobility, shaping it in new aspects and levels of development

Creating a new sequence of events in the realm of creativity, creation, and freedom on the level of individuality, dancing and playing with oneself and the world

We will acquire skills:

Taking charge of your life with independence, maturity, and nurturing self-love
Build new relationships with the world based on trust, an open heart, clarity, wisdom, and love
To realize your dreams and soul's desires
Living your destiny, divine nature, and potentiality and living from that dimension
Live sensuality and sexuality through creativity, opening up new interactions with the world.
Ending contracts with systems of any level and concluding unconscious collective programs into conscious living for individuals
Love from trust, from openness, from the depth of the heart, and build such relationships with all people
Listen to intuition and super abilities, trust them, align your life and actions accordingly

The retreat space consists of practices and methods

where the process of healing the deep parts of our soul occurs gently, tenderly and organically

Maya Mandala - author of practices and seminars

author and creator of Mandala Dance, Dakini Dance, Wave yoga, Egyptian yoga, Egyptian dance

The date and location of the event
July 1-5, Svetlogorsk, Universal Hotel
Participation Formats
Retreat in the city of Svetlogorsk
Basics of Life
level 2
until 5 June
after 5 June
Repeat participation: 403 euro with early booking until June 5th

The details

Date and Time
July 1-5, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
City: Svetlogorsk, Hotel 'Universal', 3 Nekrasova Street.
Accommodation needs to be booked separately. Staying at the Universal Hotel is possible, but the number of rooms is limited. Reservation is confirmed upon making a prepayment for the retreat through the organizer."
Advance Payment
100 euro
Flight, Meals
Paid separately
Discount of 50 euro
When participating in both foundational retreats, «Mandala Dance» and «Basics of Life»
исцеляющие медитации, дыхательные, тантрические практики, техники работы с программами и установками, перепрограммирование сознания, тактический массаж, танец и круги, шеринги (вопрос-ответ)

At the Retreat, you can expect
For men and women who wish to consciously and harmoniously live their lives from truth, clarity, wisdom, love, an open heart, and creativity
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