May 30-June 3, 2023, Basics of Life level 2, Kyrgyzstan

On June 30-3, 2023, a seminar "Fundamentals of Life level 2" with Maya will be held in Kyrgyzstan.

"Fundamentals of Life level 2" is a seminar where the work of conscious living of oneself at a qualitatively new level continues. We will explore how all the qualities and properties that we revealed at the seminar "Fundamentals of Life level 1" and translate to the level of creativity realization.

We will learn to:
  • to hear the instincts, strength and wisdom of your body and the Earth and translate into actions and forms;
sensuality and sexuality live through creativity, discover new interactions with the world;
  • to notice how the clear light of consciousness directs and leads us into life, how to implement it into a structure, into an organization, into new projects;
  • to learn to love from trust, from openness, from the depths of the heart, how to build relationships with all people from this;
  • be guided by the inner voice, lead your life and create small and large projects;
  • listen to intuition and superpowers, trust them, adjust your life and actions accordingly;
  • to be in constant attunement with your higher state, with your Divine nature within us and to create your life in the highest aspect;
  • rooted in strength, through sensuality and purposefulness, proceeding from the deep knowledge of the soul and the world, wisdom, connecting everything in the space of love, through the heart to realize the flowering of your being.

Venue: Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul, Ak-Maral Recreation center.

All information, registration and booking:
Eliza, +996 770 977 925 ,,
Saltanat, +996 707 905 959 ,

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