May 22-27, 2023, Mandala Dance level 2, Kyrgyzstan

From May 22 to 27, 2023, a seminar "Mandala Dance level 2 and 3" with Maya will be held in Kyrgyzstan.

"Mandala Dance Level 2" is the second certification dance workshop for Mandala Dance Presenters who already have a Level 1 Certificate, as well as those who have passed a Level 1 seminar without certification for personal practice. This is an extension of certification and an in-depth immersion in Practice.

At the second level of practice, we continue to develop the skill of conscious presence in the body, begin to combine breathing and dance movements in static with movements and steps and synchronize in this with other women dancing in a circle. We develop empathy, listening, feeling each other, attune and harmonize ourselves with the general flow of a Single Circle. At this level, we connect and build ourselves together with all women. We learn to listen to a Single Space and consciously move in the Mandala Dance, living a single dimension. We expand our attention and consciousness, becoming a natural part of it. At this level, we begin to move into dance.

To obtain a certificate at this stage, it is necessary to pass the seminar "Fundamentals of Life level 1". The second level of Mandala dance practice gives the Presenters the right to conduct individual classes and in large groups, as well as intensive training for practice.

"Mandala Dance level 3" is the level of creation of the manifested Mandala Universe. At this level, we enter into the Mandala dance itself and learn to combine all the principles of practice – conscious presence in dance movements, breathing, synchronous and harmonious connection with other women and the general dance of the circle. We realize, live and pass through ourselves all the states that are formed by the sacred Dance pattern of a Single Mandala, harmoniously manifesting the energies and qualities of all the primary elements, all cardinal directions and directions. We carry through ourselves the wisdom and light of all Masters and Teachers. We unite all spaces and all cycles of life.

To get a certificate of a level 3 presenter, you need to pass seminars: "Fundamentals of Life level 1", "Mandala Dance level 1", "Mandala Dance level 2", "Fundamentals of Life level 2". The leader of the Mandala dance of the 3rd level can conduct individual, group classes, preparatory seminars.

Venue: Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul, Ak-Maral Recreation center.

All information, registration and booking:
Eliza, +996 770 977 925 ,,
Saltanat, +996 707 905 959 ,

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