Mandala Dance level 1 with Maya


  • Lesson duration: 85 minutes
  • Access to video: for 180 days

This video is for the first level of dance. The video is designed for those who are already familiar with the Mandala dance and want to improve their personal practice. It is also suitable for those who are new and want to learn and try the practice of Dance on their own. Please note that the video is not an instructor-led course and is intended for personal practice only.

Mandala Dance is a profound practice that involves working with energy, restructuring and transforming the female body in accordance with the natural forces inherent in women, discovering her feminine essence, and recognizing the goddess within oneself. The "Mandala" dance is constructed based on the "flower of life" principle in accordance with sacred geometry. Our bodies have life centers - the seven chakras. We dance the structures of figure eights, circles, spirals, and waves within our bodies. The main form is the figure eight, which connects all the centers and directions, and balances our energy. In the video, Maya explains the practice of Mandala Dance on a physical and energetic level.

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